10 Top Tips For Finding THE Dress

The moment that I first saw Anna walking down the aisle of the church on our wedding day is clearly and indelibly etched on my mind. Framed and backlit by the doorway, she looked absolutely stunning. Of course, I didn’t take in all the details straight away; but even 8 years later I can still remember thinking “wow”. I was certainly punching way above my weight and needed to get a ring on her immaculately-manicured finger as soon as possible!

The next morning, reminiscing about the best day of our lives, she confided that her beautiful dress was nothing like what she had imagined when she went hunting for ‘the one’. In her mind, she had envisaged something quite understated and quite closely fitted. The gown she fell in love with had beautiful detailing and more of an A-line shape. I think. (If I’m honest, I’m already waaay out of my depth, attempting to discuss dress styles).

Anna is certainly not alone in her experience of buying a wedding dress. I’ve lost track of the number of brides who have told me that they went searching for a gown that they had in mind, but then purchased something completely different. So, is having an open mind the key to finding your perfect wedding dress?

As I mentioned above, I’m no expert in this particular field, but I knew exactly who to turn to for some professional advice.

The Wedding House is a luxury bridal boutique based in Derby, and they were more than happy to offer their top ten tips for finding your perfect wedding dress at The Wedding House.

  1. Do your research: We ask that you research our boutique so you know what designers we stock, our prices, styles and sizes.
  2. Follow us on Social Media- This way you can keep up to date with new dresses and an insight into The Wedding House. (links at the end. Jon)
  3. We are always here to help- If you have any questions or queries, slide into our DMs, call or email us. We are here to help you every step of the way.
  4. Start shopping 12/18 months before your wedding- Dresses can take up to 8 months for delivery.
  5. Choose your bride tribe wisely- Bring people who’s opinions you trust. You need to be able to hear yourself think! Follow your own instincts.
  6. Be open minded- we are here to help and advise you, let us pick a wild card as we know our stuff.
  7. Be prepared to find the one: sometimes it can be scary but you have to trust your gut… When you know, you know.
  8. When you do find it stop looking. Just stop!
  9. Have fun- Wedding dress shopping should be exciting, fun and make you feel beautiful!
  10. Celebrate- Pop that prosecco! Weddings are all about celebrating, and finding your perfect dress is one of the best reasons we can think of to do so!

I’ve heard great things from my brides about the experience of visiting The Wedding House. Based in a former Blacksmiths workshop, the space, in Alvaston, Derby, was transformed in 2005 into an elegant boutique, with plenty of space for your family and friends to wait to be wowed as you try on different gowns. In their own words: “We carefully hand pick the most sought-after designer collections from Martina Liana and Blush By Hayley Piage. We are 3 best friends that work in the boutique, creating a fun and friendly environment to find your dream dress. We are the coolest girlgang that Derby ever did see!”

You can find out more by visiting their website at The Wedding House.

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