How to look natural and relaxed in wedding photos

8 Tips to Look Natural and Relaxed in Your Wedding Photos

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As a wedding photographer, I’ve encountered a variety of situations where couples have expressed concerns about looking awkward or feeling uncomfortable in their wedding photos. And let’s be honest, it’s not an everyday experience, standing in front of a camera and receiving instructions from a photographer, is it? I know that even I am happiest behind the camera rather than in front of it! So, with that in mind, I’ve put together some of my top tips to help you feel at ease and look natural in your wedding photos.

1. Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

I know, I would say this wouldn’t I? But honestly, finding a photographer who aligns with your preferences and makes you feel comfortable is crucial. I always suggest doing a bit of research and asking friends or family for recommendations. Familiarise yourself with the photographer’s style and ensure you feel at ease during the initial consultation. The right photographer will make all the difference. I’ve put together a few resources that can help you to find the perfect wedding photographer too.

How to Find Your Ideal Wedding Photographer

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2. Communication is The Key to Stunning Wedding Photos

Don’t be afraid to discuss your expectations and preferences with your photographer. Share any concerns or insecurities, and work together to establish a timeline for your wedding day. Good communication will help both of you to be on the same page and set the stage for a fantastic experience.

3. Engagement Photoshoot: A Valuable Practice Run For Your Wedding Photos

In my opinion, having an engagement shoot before the big day is one of the best ways to overcome those nerves. Not only does it give you a personal insight into what will happen, taking away that fear of the unknown, but it also helps build the relationship between you and the photographer. Plus, you’ll get some stunning photos to show off to your friends and family.

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4. Focus on Connection and Emotion in Your Wedding Photos

When I’m photographing couples, I always focus more on the connection between them. I give them things to do, chat with them, and look for moments where they’re smiling naturally. The genuine emotions and interactions captured in those moments are what truly make the photos memorable. What I avoid doing is asking them to look into the camera and smile – so if that’s something you’re imagining having to do, don’t fear! 

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5. Mastering the Art of Posing

Posing can be a bit of a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to being in front of the camera. But fear not! I’m here with some tips to help you look your best. Remember to maintain good posture, pay attention to hand placement, and don’t worry too much about striking the perfect pose. To help, I’ve put together some tips on how to pose on your wedding day.

How to Pose on Your Wedding Day – 7 Top Tips!

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6. Dress Rehearsal: Get Comfortable in Your Wedding Attire

It’s essential to try on your wedding attire before the big day and make any necessary adjustments for comfort. You’ll feel more at ease knowing everything fits perfectly, and you can even practice a few of the posing tips above in your wedding finery to make sure you’re ready for the spotlight.

7. Capturing Candid Moments

As a wedding photographer, I’m always on the lookout for candid moments rather than trying to direct the scene – I never put my camera down on the big day! By staying alert for genuine emotions and interactions, I can capture those precious, unscripted moments that make your wedding album truly special, and you won’t have chance to feel awkward because you won’t even realise that I’m taking the shot!

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8. Trust Your Photographer’s Expertise

Lastly, remember to trust your photographer’s expertise. Embrace spontaneity and creativity, and allow your photographer to capture candid moments. After all, they’ve been here before and know how to make magic happen!

In Conclusion…

Feeling comfortable and looking natural in your wedding photos comes down to a combination of factors – choosing the right photographer, effective communication, and practice through engagement photoshoots. Focusing on the connection between you and your partner, mastering the art of posing, getting comfortable in your wedding attire, and trusting your photographer’s expertise will all contribute to stunning and natural-looking photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Remember, your wedding day is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another. By reflecting on the true meaning of the day and embracing your unique personality and style, you’ll feel more relaxed, and the photos will be an authentic representation of your special day.

As a Derby wedding photographer, I take great pride in helping couples feel comfortable and look their best in their wedding photos. I’m always here to lend a supportive ear, share a laugh, and, of course, capture the beautiful moments that make your wedding day uniquely yours.

So, if you’re planning your big day and want a photographer who will work with you to create a comfortable, enjoyable experience, look no further! I’d be honoured to be a part of your special day and help you create lasting memories.

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