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A Summer Yeldersley Hall Wedding in Derbyshire | Steph & Mark

Steph and Mark’s beautiful Yeldersley Hall wedding unfolded during the peculiar times of the Covid-19 pandemic. True, it tweaked their plans a smidge, but it didn’t filch even an ounce of magic from their day! Sharing in their wedding was an absolute delight, and here’s the scoop on how it all went down.

The Venue: Yeldersley Hall Wedding Venue

Yeldersley Hall Wedding Venue

Before we leap into the narrative of the day, let’s talk about Yeldersley Hall itself. Tucked in the heart of Derbyshire, this venue is the epitome of English charm. It’s the kind of place where if walls could talk, they’d probably speak in a very posh accent and offer you tea. The gardens are so elegant; they make your average fairy tale look a bit shabby. With character oozing out of its bricks, Yeldersley Hall is an exclusive little nook for couples wanting a snug and personal bash. I’ve had the pleasure of working there on several occasions, and it’s always a treat to return.

Morning Preparations

wedding bouquet at yeldersley hall

When I arrived on the wedding morning, the air was crackling with excitement. Steph and her squad were in high spirits, enjoying being pampered by the hair stylist and makeup artist (a rare treat during the pandemic!) and enjoying the morning. On the flip side, Mark and his groomsmen were having a smashing time, whacking tennis balls about on the hall’s courts.

Snapping these moments is vital for me – the giggles, the anxious peeks at watches, and all the small bits and bobs that create the day’s tapestry. As a photographer, it’s the real, unplanned snapshots that really tell the tale.

The Ceremony at Brailsford Church

As 1 pm approached, guests assembled at the nearby charming Brailsford Church. The ceremony was a cosy gathering, with everyone sticking to the rules, which, oddly enough, seemed to bring everyone closer together.

The vow exchange was a sight to behold, with Steph and Mark locking eyes and promising forever, making it clear that their love was the real deal.

confetti at brailsford church wedding

A Reception Filled with Love and Laughter

Back at Yeldersley Hall, the newlyweds were welcomed with open arms and bubbly. The reception was a splendid summer do, with drinks and lawn games keeping everyone entertained. A string quartet serenaded the crowd, adding a sprinkle of sophistication to the merry mingling.

Lawn games at yeldersley hall

The wedding breakfast hit the spot at 3:45 pm, followed by speeches that had everyone in a mix of giggles and happy tears.

Throughout the day, I was there, mingling amost-invisibly, capturing those off-the-cuff moments that make a wedding truly special. From Steph and Mark’s sweet exchanges to the guests’ unrestrained laughter, each photo is a chapter in a love story.

bride and groom at yeldersley hall

A Day to Remember

As the festivities wound down, I reflected on how lucky I was to be part of such a remarkable day – lockdown had been a quiet time for wedding photographers, and it was an absolute delight to be back doing what I loved. Steph and Mark’s wedding wasn’t just a celebration; it was a testament to love’s steadfastness and the power of a tight-knit community of family and friends.

Let’s Capture Your Story

If your big day is on the horizon and you’re on the hunt for a photographer to capture the very soul of your celebration, give me a shout. My approach is all about narrating your unique story through my lens, seizing those spontaneous bursts of joy, deep emotions, and the distinctive details that make your wedding, well, yours. Whether you’re plotting an intimate affair or a grand soiree, I’m here to make sure your photos are as filled with love, laughter, and happiness as your actual day.

Drop me a line, and let’s chat about how we can document your one-of-a-kind day at Yeldersley Hall or any other place where your heart leads you.

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