How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer in Derby

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer in Derby

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Your wedding photography is truly an investment, so you need to choose the perfect person to capture it.

As a wedding photographer in Derby, you can call me biased, but I believe the photography taken during your celebration is the only real investment you’ll make in your big day. Not the cake, the dress, not even the wedding planner could be considered on the same level, investment-wise, as your photographer.

The person you choose to capture your special day will be creating the only real record of a day that took so much preparation, and can never be repeated. Not only that, but you will hopefully consider your wedding photos as an heirloom. A treasured keepsake you can enjoy looking through from time to time, and one day pass onto your children, or maybe grandchildren! Crazy thought right now, I know! But it pays to think with your future head on, and pick a Derby wedding photographer whose style you’ll still appreciate 20, 30 years from now.

But with a wealth of wedding photographers available in Derby, how do you know which one is right for you? That’s what I’m going to help you with today, and hopefully guide you towards finding the perfect person to capture your big day.

To help you in selecting the perfect Derby wedding photographer for your celebrations, follow the steps below.

Determine Your Budget

As with any supplier you hire for your wedding, always set yourself a budget before booking anything. Not easy if this is your first foray into photography, but these days it’s never been easier to get an idea of how much a photographer will cost. Most wedding photographers in Derby, like myself, will have some prices printed online.

However, the figure they quote online may not be representative of the price you’ll pay, as you may need a lot more, or less of their time, for example. Therefore, it’s wise to send out messages to local photographers stating what you require, and ask for a rough quote or pricing guide. Once you’ve got all those figures together, you’ll be able to make a more personalised average cost.

What is Your Wedding Photography Style?

There are many different wedding photography styles. From traditional to candid, through to editorial and fine art. And what you’ll discover while looking through various portfolios of wedding photographers in Derby, is that we tend to mix them all together! Just to confuse you!

This fusing of styles is how we create our unique look. My style is 90% photojournalistic, and 10% traditional. Which means typically during a wedding day I’ll be weaving myself into the celebration, capturing events as they unfold. And then, when the time is right, I’ll gather people together, and take posed portraits. I feel this approach allows me the flexibility to capture those carefree shots couples love, while also making sure you get nice images of everyone together.

But that’s just me! You’ve got to find your own style. My advice, create a board on Pinterest, and start pinning every real wedding picture you like the look of. Do that for long enough, and you’ll notice a pattern emerging. Once you’ve found the pattern, you’ve got your wedding photography style.

Speak to Your Wedding Venue & Suppliers

The first booking you should make for your wedding, is the venue, as it dictates so many other aspects of your big day. Once you’ve selected a place, ask their team if they recommend a wedding photographer in Derby who has shot there before.

Having a photographer who’s already worked at a venue is by no means critical, but if one has, they’re at an advantage over those who haven’t. They already know the best spots to shot from, they can recommend places to do portraits based on previous experience. And, if the venue is recommending them, they must be nice to work with!

If you are already booking other suppliers for your wedding, such as a videographer, for example. Ask them for a photographer recommendation too. Again, they wouldn’t suggest someone who wasn’t good, or nice to deal with, so their advice is pretty useful.

Look Through Their Portfolios

It’s easy to find one image you like taken by a photographer, but do you like the majority of their work? Don’t base your opinion on one shot you’ve seen on Instagram. Look through as many of their pictures as possible, preferably the images of a whole wedding day. From breakfast through to the first dance. That way, you can see if they capture every wedding moment in just the way you’d dreamed of.

Interview Prospective Photographers in Person (or on Zoom)

During the wedding day, your photographer will be following you around like the Paparazzi. All day. Therefore, you need to like them! It could be Annie Leibovitz capturing your wedding, but if you don’t like her, not only are you going to have a bad day. But your annoyance at seeing her all the time will come across in the images.

Be sure to interview your shortlist of Derby wedding photographers in-person, or on Zoom. Only then will you know if their personality is a good match for your own.

What Does Your Heart Say?

Once you’ve gone through all these steps. And found someone who offers the right price, shoots in the style you like and is really friendly – only the two of you can make the final decision. Go with the person who feels right, and that you believe will capture your special day with the respect it deserves.

Maybe I Could Be the Perfect Photographer for Your Derby Wedding?

I genuinely hope you found this post useful, and perhaps got you one step closer to finding the best photographer for your Derby wedding. It would be an honour if you would consider me in your shortlist.

As an experienced wedding photographer in Derby, I have shot countless celebrations in this city, and across the county. Using a relaxed, and friendly approach, my photography is natural and timeless. With a look that will be loved for a lifetime.

If you’d like to browse my recent work, please take a look at the weddings section on my blog, and if you’d like to find out about pricing, take a moment to visit the info page. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in

Your wedding photography is truly an investment, so you need to choose the perfect person to capture it.

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