Nottingham Engagement Shoot: Sarah & James at Wollaton Hall

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was back to Wollaton Hall for Sarah and James’ Nottingham engagement shoot last autumn. Remember autumn? Those days when there were still leaves on the trees and you could feel all your fingers and toes?

I do like Wollaton Hall for a pre-wedding shoot – it has a nice mix of locations including the grounds with its avenues of trees, as well as the famous Hall itself. We began in the grounds, down amongst the trees, before making our way over to the old house.

I really enjoy engagement shoots because they give me the chance to get to know my clients before the big day, and they get the chance to get in front of the camera and realise that it’s nowhere near as terrifying as they think it’s going to be!

Sarah and James were a bit nervous at first, but they soon relaxed and really enjoyed the shoot. You can see that they make a fantastic couple; they can’t help but smile when they look at each other! As a wedding photographer capturing that connection on their wedding day is my ultimate aim, so having this opportunity to chat with Sarah and James, without the time pressures that a wedding can bring, and get to know what makes them tick is absolutely invaluable. That’s why I always offer an engagement shoot with my wedding packages.

I’ll be posting Sarah and James wedding photos from their wedding at Kelham Hall soon – so check back in a couple of weeks to see the next part of their wedding story!


My clients realise that being in front of the camera is nowhere near as terrifying as they think it’s going to be!



Sarah and James are made for each other. They just love being with each other; and Sarah can even put up with James’ attempted jokes!


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