Sara & Benn: Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Wedding, Scarborough

I always feel the pressure to deliver the best wedding photography for my clients, but the stakes were extra high here as Benn is also a wedding photographer! As it happened, although the day itself didn’t go exactly as Sara and Benn had planned, it was a fantastic wedding and we captured some of my favourite images from last summer.

Ben assisted me on this wedding, and the two of us travelled over to Scarborough the previous day to ensure that we were on site at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel without having to worry about travelling. Benn spent the night before his wedding staying with friends, giving him the perfect opportunity to then drive said-friend’s vintage Mustang to the hotel! He certainly arrived in style.

The plan was for an outdoor wedding ceremony in the beautiful hotel grounds, but unfortunately the great British weather had other ideas, and the heavens opened to release a summer downpour which washed away any chance of getting wed outside. Fortunately the ceremony was able to go ahead inside, and by the time the new Mr and Mrs Raistrick and their guests emerged, they were blinking in the glorious summer sun once again.

[What if it rains on my wedding day?]

The rest of the day went according to the script, and the weather was on its best behaviour from that point onwards. Here I’ll leave the photos to tell the rest of the story, and sign off by wishing Benn and Sara congratulations once again. Don’t forget to leave them a comment at the bottom of the page!

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