Wow! The summer really ran away with me and I’ve fallen behind with my blog posts! I have some simply beautiful weddings to share with you from July, August and September 2014, and some more coming up this autumn and winter. I can’t think of a better place to begin than with Emily and Tim’s big day up in Sheffield.
When I met Emily and Tim for their engagement shoot a few weeks ago the heavens opened and all three of us ended up soaked to the skin. For their wedding day though heaven smiled down on the newly-weds, there was barely a cloud in the sky and the temperature soared into the high 20s. The contrast couldn’t have been more stark; but one thing that didn’t change at all were the smiles on Tim and Emily’s faces – I can’t think of a happier couple!

I made my way up to Sheffield in time to meet Emily and her parents at Creator Hair. Sheffield’s Tram Lines Festival was due to start later that day and lots of roads were closed, and so as it was such a beautiful morning I parked up near their hotel and then walked the short distance through the city to the salon. When I arrived though I was pretty glad of the air conditioning at Creator – it was already a very warm day and it was only 10:30am!

Emily was – predictably – smiling, and her hair looked stunning. It was great to meet her mum and dad as well, and I think it’s fair to say that they were feeling almost as excited as Emily, although they were getting by on far less sleep – Emily had somehow managed to get a good seven hours despite the heat and the nerves!

Meanwhile Ben had met with Tim and the boys for a few informal photos before they made the ten minute walk down to the church. Ben walked with the group and then ran back for his car. Tim knew the way well – until the previous week he had been employed at St Thomas Crookes church as their production manager, responsible for the IT side of things, amongst other responsibilities. Now though he felt that he was called to be ordained, and so he had left his job with the church and once he and Emily returned from honeymoon they were off to Bristol so that Tim could attend vicar school. St Thomas Crookes will always remain a special place for Mr and Mrs Smith though. It was here that they first met whilst students in Sheffield, their introduction craftily orchestrated by mutual friends who knew that they would make an amazing couple, and remained their church for the duration of their time in the city.

They may have been introduced to each other by friends, but that’s not to say that it was love at first sight! Well, maybe for Tim. But Emily made him put in the effort before agreeing officially go out with Tim. He spent several weeks finding ways to spend time with her before Emily finally succumbed to his natural charm(!).

Ironically, given that Tim was in charge of the IT at the church, this was the one part of the marriage service that didn’t quite go to plan! I think the computer objected to the heat and refused point blank to display the words to the hymns! It wasn’t really a problem though, most of the guests knew the words anyway and the band did their best to fill in any blanks.

Following the marriage ceremony the guests left for the venue whilst the four of us went to take some photographs. Originally we were going to go to Weston Park, but for some reason Emily thought that having thousands of drunk festival goers in the background of their wedding photos might distract a little from the romance, so instead we went via Bole Hill. I’ve never been there before, but what a view! We only had fifteen minutes there, but we got some absolutely beautiful shots.

The venue was the Wilson Carlile Centre, a conference centre in the heart of Sheffield and home to the Church Army charity. Tim and Emily knew someone at the charity, and I think they had done some work for them too, so the idea of having their wedding reception there just clicked into place.

Following a delicious meal Emily’s dad made a lovely, warm and funny speech full of touching anecdotes and a few words of fatherly advice for his daughter and her new husband. Tim then gave his speech, thanking everyone who had contributed so much to the day, and giving us an insight into just how hard he had to work to woo Emily in the first place! Then the Best Men took the floor in one of the funniest speeches I’ve ever heard! A few humiliating stories about the groom, a few tidbits of advice for Emily from some people who had lived with him before, and then a fantastic song written especially for the occasion!

There was a lovely courtyard and decked balcony area outside which most people gravitated towards as the evening wore on, and the temperature came down to just a pleasant warmth. A hog roast was enjoyed by the evening guests, and then it was time for the cake cutting, first dance and bouquet toss!

Midway through the evening I was again reminded of how small the world is. Tim’s sister Gemma asked whether it was me that was married to Anna. It turns out that she was in Anna’s form at school in Kettering! They haven’t seen each other in years and years, but are friends on Facebook – and I just happen to be photographing her brother’s wedding up in Sheffield.

The evening wore on and it was time for us to leave, after a couple more photographs now that the natural light had almost gone. Congratulations again to Mr and Mrs Smith, and best of luck in Bristol!

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