Jo and Pete’s wedding at Erasmus Darwin House in Lichfield was the perfect example of why you shouldn’t feel the pressure to make your wedding day conform to the idea of a ‘typical’ wedding. Jo and Pete did things their way, and as a result their wedding was absolutely perfect.

The two of them met through work and got engaged three years ago. The original plan was to elope to Las Vegas, but then Jo discovered that she was expecting their son, Lucas, and suddenly a Vegas wedding didn’t seem as practical! Instead they opted for a quirky English wedding, complete with afternoon tea and a tea-and-cake inspired wedding cake! No bridesmaids, no best man; but a whole load of family and friends, her Dad’s favourite band and a little bit of Vegas in Lichfield via a fun casino in the evening!

Jo and Pete had decided that they would both get ready at the beautiful Netherstowe House. I’d never been before, but I’d love to go back and stay over! What an amazing hotel; full of quirky little details, helpful staff and stunning rooms. The weather was not looking good – rain forecast for the whole day – so we didn’t venture outside. But that was ok because there were some lovely spots inside for photos. Jo was getting ready with her Mum and Dad, her brother Matt and his girlfriend Chloe. Mel was my brilliant second photographer for the day, and she joined Pete and Lucas, finding them curled up on the bed watching Cbeebies on the TV. The fact that Jo and Pete were getting ready just a few yards away from each other behind closed doors in such a gorgeous location was a romantic start to the day.

The rain continued as we travelled to Erasmus Darwin House, located just in front of the impressive Lichfield Cathedral. Erasmus was the grandfather of Charles Darwin, and a noted gentleman in his own right. The house is set up as a museum, complete with a couple of mannequins of the man himself, which caught me out every time I walked into a room with one! The museum was closed to the public for the wedding, and the downstairs front room had been prepared for marriage ceremony. The whole house looked beautiful, thanks in no small part to some excellent attention to detail from Jan at The Pretty Little Parlour Company. Lucas brought the rings up for his mum and dad, with a little help from his uncle Matt. Jo and Pete had written their own vows, one more way in which they had made their day their own.

The reception was held upstairs, and rather than the usual wedding breakfast the guests enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea prepared by a brilliant local chef, Simon Smith.

The rain eventually turned to just a light drizzle and Jo and Pete were up for braving it for some photos outside. There are some great gardens at the rear of the house. and we had fun exploring them for a few minutes and shooting a few portraits.

For the evening entertainment Jo and Pete had secretly booked a musical duo that her Dad really liked – NRG. They sounded great, and I could totally understand why they’re so popular. Meanwhile upstairs that little bit of Las Vegas had arrived, and the casino was in full swing.

Huge congratulations again to Jo, Pete and Lucas!

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