Today we have an interview with the front man of one of my favourite local bands – Rob from The Burgundys!The burgundys wedding band
Hi Rob, how’s 2014 shaping up for you?

We’re very excited about 2014 already with 50+ weddings in the diary and counting…..

Wow, that’s awesome! And I hear you’re going to be extra busy after popping a certain question at Christmas? Would you mind telling us about it?

Haha of course I don’t mind. It was a simple proposal late on Christmas Day with all our closest family around. It was lovely and Dani and I were delighted, getting engaged is absolutely amazing!


Tell me a bit more about The Burgundys, what do you guys offer?

We’re a professional live band and we get people moving, shaking, dancing and prancing. Aside from the usual we also offer ceremony music, afternoon breakfast music and a DJ service. 

You certainly always seem to get people on the dance floor! What was the most popular First Dance song of 2013?

Iris by the Goo goo dolls, which is great because the Goo goo dolls are one of my favourite bands. Although it’s the only one I’ve played more than once. The brides and grooms of 2013 had some eclectic choices!

Any early fore runners for the favourite song of 2014? We’ll check again in December!

Jason Mraz – I won’t give up. I know it came out a while a go, but that little Scottish lad on X-factor did a really good job of it and I reckon it’ll take off now.

Interesting choice! Ok, so what advice would you give to couples looking to book the evening entertainment at their wedding?

Don’t do it on a ridiculously low budget. I always like to say we’re a good value band and our brides and grooms always agree, but there is a difference between good value and dross. If you’ve ever been to a wedding where the band is too loud, out of tune, plays depressing songs etc it is sure to ruin the night. wedding entertainment

The other thing is see your band first. We get a lot of recommendations, which is great, but I still encourage couples to see us live. I want them to know what they’re getting and to have trust in the product.Your guests want a party and they want to be entertained. We like to think that our brides and grooms guests will leave being impressed and talking about what a great night they had.

Always book as soon as possible and don’t leave it less than 6 months before your wedding. If you’re looking to book a good act they won’t be available.

Brilliant, thank you. As I mentioned, you have an uncanny knack of being able to get people up and dancing. What’s your secret?

The obvious things to say would be that we play great upbeat songs that cater for all ages and everyone knows and loves them.

However the real secret is that we never introduce a song! 
You’re thinking now…..What does that have to do with anything? Basically a lot. People have opinions about music and sometimes they think they don’t like a song, but if you just play it to them and don’t introduce it crowds lose their inhibitions easier and just get up, stay up and dance all night.
It sounds daft, but it so works!

knew there was a secret to it! Ha! So, I want to book you. When should I do it? I’m guessing Saturdays get booked up pretty quickly, as they do for me too.

Yeah you’re right. We’re doing a lot of wedding fayres at the moment, but we’re looking at filling next year as 2014 is already so busy and we have to turn a lot down. 6 a week at the moment, which is sad really.

People always ask me why I got into weddings. How did it happen to you?

Totally accidentally. I was initially asked to do a solo gig for a wedding 5 years ago now for some very good friends of mine (Craig and Amy). I enjoyed it that much I decided I’d do it full time. It was the best career move of my life.

That’s pretty much how it happened for me too! What’s the best thing about a wedding gig then?

The atmosphere and seeing people at their best. I’ve never ever shown up at a wedding and it not be a fantastic day for the bride and the groom and all their family and friends.

What locations do you cover?

At the moment we’ve stopped taking bookings too far away. We like to stay within the East-Midlands, Staffs, Worcs and Warwickshire.

What sort of music do you play?

We’re not really restricted to any particular genre. We play everything from the 60’s to now. Motown, Soul, Rock, Pop, Indy, R&B etc. Occasionally we rap for the younger audiences as well. This always goes down well and is a massive break from the normal wedding band out there.

You can find out more about The Burgundy’s and their upcoming gigs here.

Or email Rob at evening entertainment

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