I’ve always had a secret (fine, maybe not so secret) desire to be a superhero. To soar above the city, save the damsel in distress and look damn good in spandex whilst doing it. Perhaps that, then, is the reason why I love my Spider Holster so much. My wife refers to it as my “ Batman Utility Belt”. I scoff and give her a look, but a little bit of me wants to put on a matching cape.
The real hero though (see what I did there?) is the Spider Holster. It has literally saved my back on numerous occasions in the last seventeen months. I purchased it in December 2012 and it has been with me at each and every wedding since then. Not only does it remove the strain from my shoulders, it also gives me a talking point with guests, and can help to break the ice at an engagement shoot – because EVERYONE either comments on it or wants to.

spiderpro holster review

There are several versions available on the market, but due to the kind of heavy gear I cart around (and the expense of said heavy gear) as a Derby wedding photographer I opted for the SpiderPro system. This comes with an adjustable belt which has a useful double-lock feature to make it harder to accidentally undo. A solid-feeling plate attaches to the tripod mount of the camera using a handy allen key which slides into the plate for safe keeping after use.

The other major component is the metal socket attachment that is mounted onto the Batman utility belt. The socket opens wide at the top so that it’s easy to find with the pin of the camera attachment, and then funnels the pin down into the socket. You can choose to lock it off using a little lever on the side of the Spiderpro so that you can’t lift the camera off your belt, or allow it to just rest easy for quick removal when you need it. Being part ninja I like to leave it unlocked, ready at a moment’s notice – I’ve never had a problem. The parts are all made with sturdy, thick and solid feeling metal (technical terms here). It feels dependable.

Once in place, with the camera hanging by your side, the average wedding photographer actually feels more like a wild-west gun-slinger than superhero – ready to unholster and shoot at will. The temptation to wear a cowboy hat to weddings subsides with repeated use.

A second socket and pad can be attached to the other side of the belt should you wish to carry two cameras. I do usually have two cameras, but I opt to have one on a shoulder strap because I would begin to worry about fitting through doorways if I had two big dslrs with longish lenses and flash units attached. But having one on my belt (and usually my first choice camera there too) means that some of the strain is taken off my shoulders and back, and there is no danger of the camera bodies clattering into each other either. You could attach lens pouches to the belt too, should you wish, but I like to leave room for my Bat-Shark repellent (and Bat-Uncle Bob repellent too).

Here’s a slightly annoying man to talk you through it further and give you a more detailed look at the SpiderPro Holster, which is available from Wex Photographic for £109.99.



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