Father’s Day took on a new meaning for me a couple of years ago when Eleanor entered our lives, and although it’s going to be a few years before I have to prepare a speech for her wedding, I thought that I would take the opportunity to share a few of my favourite Father of the Bride shots from the last year. You can find those below.

First though, a quick round up of the weekend. I’d purposely left the weekend free as it was Anna’s Mum’s birthday, my Mum’s birthday and Father’s Day. All this celebrating gave Anna the perfect opportunity to bake a cake! She went for a jam sponge covered in whipped cream and topped with strawberries and white chocolate fingers. Yum!

Fathers Day 2015_0001

We took the cake (and Ellie) down to visit my in-laws in Northants where we spent a lovely day doing nothing much. I managed to catch most of the final match in the England vs New Zealand one day international series; what a finish! Jonny Baristow, take a bow.

Sunday was of course Father’s Day. On this day, there was only one t-shirt I could wear:

Fathers Day 2015_0003For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m a bit of a Superman geek. Anna managed to find this t-shirt thanks to the power of the internet, and had it shipped from California as a Christmas present last year. Whenever I wear it Eleanor points and calls me ‘Superdaddy’. It’s just a shame it didn’t come with a cape…

We had a lovely afternoon at Sudbury Hall, where they had laid on some games and things to celebrate the annual occasion. Ellie and I played football. I think she may end up as a goalie when she’s older as she kept picking the ball up and running away. Actually, on second thoughts, she’ll be a referee. Honestly, she is certainly bossy enough. I can’t see any of the Premiership players arguing with her when she points at them and tells them that they’ve been naughty. Even if they did, I’m sure they’d be as powerless as I am when she unleashes her secret weapon – her wobbly bottom lip.

Fathers Day 2015_0002

We finished off with a meal at the Crewe and Harpur, before heading home to relax on the sofa in front of a film (which may or may not have been a Superman one…). A perfect afternoon, in my opinion.

Anyway, back to the other fathers I mentioned earlier. Here are some of my favourite photos of them from the last year or so. There’s some proud Dads here!

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