Moments. That’s what make a wedding. The day can flash by in a blur of friends and fun; but the beauty of still photography is that single moments in time can be captured and preserved forever. I think for me this is one of the key advantages that modern wedding photographers have following the arrival of digital photography; the advent of the megapixel soon led to the birth of documentary wedding photography, largely replacing the old-fashioned completely posed wedding shots. A wedding photographer can shoot many more photos throughout the day and have the opportunity to present their clients with images like this one.

[Rewind: Roshni & Gareth’s Mythe Barn Wedding]

This photo was taken at Roshni and Gareth’s Mythe Barn wedding last year. They had become husband and wife just a few seconds before. I love the connection between the two of them here. Despite standing in front of dozens of guests they were clearly in their own little world with each other, and I was able to record and capture this moment without drawing them out of their shared space at all. There is a real tenderness in the photo which could never be replicated and manufactured in a posed shot because it happened spontaneously in that moment.

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Mythe Barn Wedding_0044

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