This photo is from Alison and Tony’s engagement shoot at Calke Abbey around this time last year. This image was one of the last of the shoot, and we were down by the lake. I’d set up a Speedlite on a lightstand with a remote trigger attached, and told the soon-to-be-weds to just cuddle up and enjoy the sunset.

And what a sunset! We had timed it just right; the sun was just dipping down below the horizon and was covering the land with a beautiful golden light. I took a walk around the lake and left them to it until I found a spot where overhanging branches above and the reeds below made a nice natural frame for the shot. I love the way the water of the lake reflects the soft light of the sky and the way the trees are almost silhouetted against the horizon. I also love Allie’s pink boots which really draw your eye in to her and Tony!

I didn’t think that nature could top this display, but at their Alrewas Hayes wedding we got another amazing sunset! Unfortunately it happened during dinner and so we didn’t get a shot with the newly-weds in, but it did remind me of this photo back at Calke Abbey.

As a Derbyshire wedding photographer I’m often spoilt by the amazing backdrops the East Midlands has to offer, but there’s just no way that you can plan for moments, or sunsets, like this.
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Alrewas Hayes Sunset

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