Wedding Favours: How to Choose the Right Ones For Your Day

Wedding Favours: How to Choose the Right Ones For Your Day

Wedding favours from Jade and Ryan's Cottage Hotel Wedding

Choosing the perfect wedding favours can feel like trying to find the ultimate Netflix show – there’s so much choice, where do you even begin? Having photographed hundreds of weddings, from grand royal affairs to intimate backyard ceremonies, I’ve seen a smorgasbord of favours and I’m here to help you navigate your options.

Picture this: you’re at a wedding, you’ve just been served a slice of a five-tiered cake, and you spot something charming by your plate. It’s a wedding favour, a little memento from the couple, thanking you for being a part of their big day. Wedding favours are like the after-credits scenes in a movie – they’re the final touch to a spectacular event. They date back centuries, originating from European aristocrats who gifted guests with a ‘bonbonniere’ – a small trinket box made of crystal or precious stones, containing sugar or sweet treats, symbolising wealth and royalty. The tradition has since evolved, with the ‘bonbonniere’ becoming a sugar-coated almond and later evolving into the assortment of creative and personal tokens we see today. They’re a thoughtful way to thank your guests and leave them with a lasting memory of your special day. Plus, who doesn’t love a surprise waiting for them at their table? It’s like an adult version of finding the toy in a cereal box!

Part 1: Aligning Favours with Your Wedding Theme and Style

1.1 Considering the Wedding Theme

Think of your wedding theme as the secret recipe to your big day. And like any good recipe, adding an ingredient that clashes with the rest can throw off the whole dish. So, if your theme is ‘rustic charm’, maybe don’t go with neon leg warmers as favours.

1.2 Reflecting Your Personal Style in Your Wedding Favours

Did you and your partner meet at a comic book convention? Show off your shared love with miniature superhero figurines. Just remember to strike a balance – you don’t want Aunt Mabel fainting at the sight of a Thanos bobblehead.

1.3 Coordinating Your Wedding Favours with Your Wedding Décor

Your wedding favours can be little stealthy spies, camouflaged within your décor. A miniature potted succulent can subtly transform into a beautiful table centrepiece. It’s like wedding décor Inception!

Wedding favours at Grangefields Wedding Venue

Part 2: Choosing Meaningful and Memorable Wedding Favours

2.1 Focusing on Sentimental Value

Personal backstory? Check. High sentimental value? Check. Chance to make your guests go ‘aww’? Double-check. Gifts like a mini jar of your grandma’s secret spice mix aren’t just tasty, they tell a story.

2.2 Opting for Practical or Usable Items

Who doesn’t love a favour they can actually use? Maybe not that bottle opener you got from Uncle Jim’s fourth wedding, but definitely a personalised tote bag or homemade bath bomb. Functional and fun? Now we’re talking.

2.3 Considering the Element of Surprise

Surprising your guests with a custom-made lottery ticket favour might not lead to their retirement, but it’s sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Part 3: Budgeting and Presentation

3.1 Balancing Quality and Cost

When it comes to favours, it’s all about striking the balance between ‘luxury yacht’ and ‘garage sale’. Don’t worry – your guests aren’t expecting Cartier bracelets.

3.2 Creative Packaging and Presentation

You could gift someone a diamond, but if it’s handed over in a sandwich bag, it might lose a little sparkle. Dress up your favours in their Sunday best, because presentation matters!

3.3 Factoring in Wedding Favours for Your Wedding Budget

Remember to give your wedding budget some favour-love too. It’s all about prioritising and tracking your expenses – it’s not the most exciting part of wedding planning, but neither is running out of money before you’ve booked your caterer.

Choosing the right wedding favours might seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of planning a wedding, but it’s these little touches that can make your special day unforgettable. So, unleash your creativity, think outside the favour-box and remember: it’s not about how grand the gift, but how grand the gesture. And if you need any inspiration, remember, as a professional wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of memorable (and forgettable) wedding favours. Now go forth, lovebirds, and find that perfect piece of your love story to share.

Interested in more wedding planning tips, or perhaps in search of a photographer to capture your special day? Feel free to reach out to me. After all, every love story deserves a professional storyteller!

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