What Is The Wedding Day Studio Photobooth?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve been to a fair few weddings in my time. As an East Midland’s wedding photographer it’s kind of an occupational hazard. It’s true that every wedding is different; styles change, couples have their own design preferences – and of course at the heart of every good wedding is the people, the bride and groom and their guests – and it’s the people that really make a wedding unique. Your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple, your love and your life. Which is why for 2015 I’ve decided to make the Wedding Day Studio a truly unique experience!

The Ultimate Wedding Photobooth For 2015

The Wedding Day Studio has been a huge hit throughout the last two years. It’s better than a traditional photobooth in two major ways: firstly you can fit BIG groups in front of the backdrop, and secondly the photos are taken by a professional photographer. These two features have been appreciated by hundreds of wedding guests who have taken the opportunity to strike a pose in front of our cameras, with or without a range of fun and ever-so-slightly-silly props.

But I’m always looking for ways to improve the Studio further, and so for 2015 I’m introducing another dimension which will ensure that your Studio photographs are as unique and special to you as the rest of your wedding details. In 2015 I’ll be one of the only East Midland’s wedding photographers to offer a bespoke and personalised digital backdrop for use in your photobooth photos. Yes, green screen is coming to a wedding near you!

Green screen technology has been around a long while now, and I’ve been making use of it at other events for the last few years. I trialled it at a wedding over Christmas and the guests absolutely loved it! Just like the original Wedding Day Studio, the photographs are viewable almost instantly on the screen next to the booth, and are available for everyone to download and giggle at in time for breakfast the next morning.

So, if you have a particular theme for your wedding, or an idea for your backdrop, just let me know! There’s a few different ideas on this Pinterest board to get you started. Below are a few images from the trial at Christmas – the request was for a Hollywood theme. What would you have? Let me know in the comments below!

 Jon Cripwell is an East Midland’s Wedding Photographer

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