Whatton House Tipi Wedding | Megan & Stuart

The Unforgettable Whatton House Tipi Wedding of Stuart and Megan

Whatton House Tipi wedding photography

Stuart and Megan, two souls destined for each other, chose a venue that effortlessly combined past and present, tradition and modernity – Whatton House Tipis.

The Morning Anticipation

As morning light broke over The Forge in Long Whatton, Megan was surrounded by love and laughter. Her best friend, Fran, her sister, Eve, and Stuart’s talented sister, Hannah Louise, who took the lead in crafting Megan’s hair, were by her side. The air was thick with excitement and, dare I say, a touch of hairspray.

Meanwhile, at The Royal Oak, Stuart and his trusty groomsmen, Dan, Keith, and Matt were deep in the throes of buttoning, cufflink fastening, and possibly a touch of nerves-smoothing. Stuart took a quick jaunt to Whatton House, ensuring everything was picture perfect.

Why Whatton House Tipis is the Dream Venue

whatton house wedding photographer

Nestled amidst 800 acres of lush parkland, Whatton House Tipis offers the idyllic setting that Stuart and Megan dreamt of. The vast grounds provided a serene backdrop for the ceremony, combining nature’s beauty with the charm of the tipis.

One of the joys of the day was the ease with which everything flowed. The same scenic venue transitioned seamlessly from the heartfelt humanist outdoor wedding ceremony to a reception full of character. With Stuart and his groomsmen ensuring everything went off without a hitch, guests felt every bit the VIP.

Then came the personalised touches. The string quartet set the mood as guests raised their glasses in celebration. Delicious slices of pizza were handed out, and an ice cream station provided the perfect treat under the sun. While Megan had a surprise planned (mum’s the word!), the dining didn’t stop there. A BBQ and a tempting donut wall awaited the guests, proving that Whatton House Tipis isn’t just about stunning views but also gastronomic delights.

Evening Under the Tipi Canopy

whatton house tipi wedding

As twilight enveloped Whatton House, the tempo of the day shifted. The DJ began spinning tracks, coaxing guests to the dance floor. Stuart and Megan, in a moment of pure joy, swayed to their first dance, marking the beginning of their journey together.

Outside, the expansive grounds of Whatton House became an arena of fun, with lawn games engaging both the young and young-at-heart. The tipis stood tall, twinkling in the night, echoing the laughter and joy of the day.


Whatton House Tipis was more than a venue for Stuart and Megan; it was an experience, a canvas where their love story was painted in vivid hues. For couples seeking a blend of the traditional and modern, the intimate and expansive, look no further.

If you’re looking to craft your own unforgettable tale, Whatton House Tipis promises a day of dreams, surprises, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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