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10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

10 questions to ask your wedding venue


So, you’ve said “Yes!” to the ring but “Maybe?” to the venue? Picking the ideal wedding location isn’t simply about gushing over glossy brochures or being wooed by elegant chandeliers. The venue is, without a doubt, the stage for your matrimonial masterpiece, a place where “I do” becomes “We did it!” in style. And let’s be honest, a fairy-tale wedding demands more than just a castle; it requires forethought. Wondering how to navigate this venue vetting voyage? As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of working at hundreds of venues, and I’ve got you covered with a checklist of ten pivotal questions every soon-to-be-married couple should ask.

Now, before we dive headfirst into this marital maze, let me introduce you to our guiding star: Sarah. As a seasoned Weddings and Events Manager at Shottle Hall in Derbyshire, Sarah has been asked every question you can think of, and has helped me to pick out the top ten most important ones. Picture this: an enchanting Victorian Country House set against the scenic backdrop of the Peak District’s undulating hills. That’s Shottle Hall for you, a blend of history, luxury, and postcard-worthy views.

So, together we’re about to make your venue quest a tad easier. And possibly more entertaining.

Shottle Hall Wedding Venue Derbyshire
Shottle Hall in Derbyshire

Question 1: Availability and Capacity

Picking out your wedding venue is a bit like finding that perfect dress or suit. It should make your heart race, fit your vision flawlessly, and most importantly, be available on the big day. After all, is there anything more gut-wrenching than falling head over heels for a venue, only to discover it’s as elusive as that last sliver of wedding cake you were hoping to nibble on?

Let’s be honest: cramming your guests in like sardines isn’t the most romantic vision to have. And while love might be infinite, space in some venues definitely isn’t. So, when sizing up your dream venue, consider your guest list. Will everyone have room to dance, or are they going to be packed in tighter than your great-aunt Maude in her vintage corset?

Our expert on the ground, Sarah from Shottle Hall, provides a timely reminder for all couples out there:

“This is one of the questions venues generally will ask couples straight away, so it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of your guest list for the day & evening. Most venues will have minimum & maximum capacities, so it’s definitely worth knowing before you set your heart on somewhere.”

Translation? A little homework goes a long way. Before you get too attached, make sure your chosen venue can comfortably accommodate both your dreams and your guests.

The ballroom at shottle hall in Derbyshire
The ballroom at Shottle Hall

Question 2: Cost and Payment Terms

Ah, finances, the not-so-fun side of wedding planning. But let’s face it: while we all want a day that’s Pinterest-perfect, we don’t necessarily want a bill that leaves us pinching pennies for the next decade. Before you start imagining yourself dancing the night away at your dream venue, ensure the price tag doesn’t perform a surprise tango on your budget (and check out my article on setting a wedding budget while you’re at it).

It’s easy to get caught up in the magic of it all, especially when you find a venue that aligns with your vision. But make sure to keep a keen eye on the cost, so you don’t end up with bills popping up like unexpected (and unwelcome) wedding crashers. Remember to ask for a detailed breakdown – because the only surprise you want on your big day is how good your partner looks, not an unforeseen expense!

Sarah from Shottle Hall provides some sound advice for navigating this often-tricky terrain:

“All venues price differently, so definitely make sure you read through all the terms & conditions before signing on the dotted line. Also, make sure VAT is included in the prices too.”

In other words? Do your due diligence. Ask the tough questions now, so you can focus on the ‘I do’s later. And if in doubt, always double-check. After all, a well-informed decision is a decision well made.

Question 3: Restrictions and Policies

Picture this: You’ve meticulously planned every detail of your wedding, down to the exact shade of rose gold for the table accents. But then you find out that the venue has a strict “no glitter” policy. Now, while you’re probably thinking, “Who could possibly be against a little sparkle?”, the truth is, venues, much like people, have their own personalities and quirks. 

Speaking of sparkle – I know lots of you reading this might be envisaging confetti photos or an evening sparkler shot – these are two aspects of your day that venues nearly always have strict rules or restrictions around – so well worth asking about specifically.


So, is your venue the stern headmaster type, peering over glasses with stringent policies on noise, decorations, and outside vendors? Or perhaps it’s a laid-back bohemian, content to let your creativity roam free. It’s crucial to get acquainted with these quirks early on. After all, nobody likes those last-minute “gotcha” moments, especially not when you’re knee-deep in wedding plans.

Sarah brings in some practical wisdom on this:

“Most venues will have a section in their terms & conditions about etiquette & controls as well as frequently asked questions. So, ensure you ask for copies of these so you can come fully prepared.”

Sparklers at a wedding

Question 4: Wedding Catering and Food Options

Ah, the menu – where food dreams come alive and diets mysteriously disappear. For many, the culinary delights of the wedding are right up there with the dress and, of course, the happy couple. I mean, who hasn’t sneakily checked out the menu before attending a wedding? (Oh, come on, it can’t just be me!)

So, when envisioning your wedding, ask yourself: will guests be raving about a gourmet five-course dinner or relishing in the delicious simplicity of tacos from your favourite food truck? Whether you’re aiming for caviar dreams or comfort food reality, it’s paramount to know your venue’s stance on catering.

Sarah, our inside expert, provides some food for thought:

“Most venues will offer a variety of catering options for the day & evening. They’ll cater to dietary requirements & children’s meals, so it’s important to ask your guests in advance should they need a specific menu. At Shottle Hall, we pride ourselves on maintaining standards of quality & safety by offering the food & drink in-house. But if you’re hankering for something a bit different, like a sweet cart, ice cream bike, or candyfloss for your evening munchies, we can help arrange that with some recommended suppliers.”

Make sure your venue can whip up not just any meal, but the meal of your dreams. 

Wedding food

Question 5: Layout and Setup

Now, while you might be focused on the aesthetics of your venue (because who doesn’t want Insta-worthy wedding photos?), the logistics are just as crucial. It’s a bit like dating: looks might draw you in, but it’s the practical aspects that make the relationship work long-term.

So, put on your most comfortable shoes, grab your partner in planning crime, and embark on an exploration of your potential venue. And by exploration, I don’t mean a cursory glance at the ballroom – I’m talking a detailed reconnaissance mission. From where to place your DJ to ensuring that Great Aunt Mildred won’t need to engage in an unplanned cardio session just to find the bathroom, understanding the venue’s layout is crucial.

Sarah chimes in with a nugget of advice: “Always visit your venue in person at least a few times before the big day. At Shottle Hall, we’re all about giving our couples a complete picture (literally!) with 3D tours of the venue available on our website. It’s an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the layout and plan efficiently.”

So, as you dive deep into the nuances of your venue, remember: it’s not just about finding the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, but also ensuring a seamless flow that guarantees comfort for your guests and peace of mind for you. 

Question 6: Accessibility and Parking

When it comes to weddings, it’s often the little things that guests remember – the heartfelt vows, the first dance, and… where they had to park their car half a mile away and uphill? Probably not the lasting memory you’re aiming for. Likewise, if Uncle Bob’s brand-new hip isn’t compatible with a mountain of stairs, it’s something you’d like to know in advance.

Accessibility is key. We’re not just talking about having an elevator or a ramp, but ensuring all your guests, no matter their needs, can enjoy your special day without obstacles. And then there’s parking. While hunting for a spot might be a fun weekend pastime for some (I’m yet to meet these people), on your wedding day, it’s about as welcome as rain during the outdoor ceremony.

So, as you’re ticking off your list of essentials for the big day, don’t overlook the practicalities. After all, a smoothly-run event isn’t just about avoiding spilled red wine on your white dress, but ensuring everyone can get to, into, and out of your venue with a smile on their face.

Wedding day bride and groom

Question 7: Accommodation and Facilities

Imagine, if you will, the romance of your wedding day, the tears, the love, and… Aunt Mabel complaining that she had to drive back 40 miles because there was no nearby place to stay. It’s a tad anti-climactic, don’t you think?

Accommodation matters, particularly if you’ve got guests joining you from afar or if the bubbly is flowing and driving home isn’t an option. 

Sarah from Shottle Hall has a piece of golden advice here: “Even if your chosen venue doesn’t have accommodation on site, they usually have strong ties to the local community. So, they can often recommend nearby hotels, B&Bs, and trusted taxi services to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep after dancing the night away.”

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, don’t forget about these finer points. Because while your guests might not remember the exact shade of your centrepieces, they will certainly remember the comfort and conveniences (or lack thereof) that made their experience unforgettable… for all the right reasons.

Bride and groom portrait at Shottle Hall in Derbyshire

Question 8: Insurance and Liability

Ah, insurance. Perhaps not the thrilling, heart-racing part of your wedding prep (unless you have a peculiar penchant for policy details) but, believe me, it’s as essential as ensuring the groom doesn’t turn up in shorts and sandals.

Imagine the scene: The champagne pops, but instead of a cheer, there’s a crash! A rogue cork hits a priceless vase. Who’s responsible? Does the venue’s insurance cover it, or are you about to see the price of that vase deducted from your honeymoon fund?

Our sage from Shottle Hall, Sarah, brings clarity to this head-scratcher: “Every venue worth its salt should have its own public liability insurance. However, don’t assume you’re in the clear. If you’re bringing in external suppliers, like that fancy jazz band or the magician who promises not to make the groom disappear, ensure they have their own insurance. Especially if they’re plugging in any gadgets – because nobody wants to end the evening with a ‘shocking’ surprise. Always ask about PAT certification for electrical equipment.”

So, while you’re ticking off your wedding checklist, make sure ‘insurance chat’ is right up there. It’s one of those details you’ll be grateful you sorted when you’re sipping champagne without a care in the world.

Question 9: Wedding Coordination and Communication

Picture this: It’s the morning of your wedding, and there’s a minor hiccup with the flower arrangement. Who do you call? Ghostbusters might not be much help, but a dedicated wedding coordinator? Now, that’s your real superhero.

Every couple needs that one point of contact, someone who’s in the know and can handle those unexpected twists and turns with the grace of a professional ballroom dancer. So, when you’re on the hunt for the perfect venue, find out just how they handle the nitty-gritty of coordination and communication. Will they provide you with a dedicated bat-signal, or are you going to be left navigating through a complicated game of telephone hide and seek? Don’t assume that the helpful person you’ve been talking to so far at the venue will be there on the day to hold your hand. Always ask.

Sarah puts it succinctly: “Many venues will assign you a designated wedding coordinator. This guardian angel will be with you every step of the way, ensuring every detail aligns with your dream. And come the big day, they’ll be right there, making sure everything goes off without a hitch. If your venue doesn’t offer a coordinator, make it a priority to find out who’s steering the ship. You don’t want to spend your day juggling tasks when you should be floating on Cloud Nine.”

In essence, when you’re knee-deep in wedding plans, make sure coordination and communication top your list. It might just be the difference between a ‘smooth-sailing’ affair and ‘what-on-earth-just-happened?’ chaos.

Shottle Hall Wedding photography

Question 10: Plan B Options

Ah, the optimism of a couple in love, dreaming of sun-kissed nuptials under a clear blue sky. But, as every Brit knows, our weather is as unpredictable as an Eastenders (or Corrie!) plot twist. While everyone’s got their fingers crossed for balmy breezes and sun rays, it’s always a good idea to have a solid plan for when the heavens decide to open up with, dare I say, blessings in liquid form.

Choosing a venue isn’t just about the pristine lawns or the fairy-lit pergolas. It’s about the peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s a cosy and equally charming indoor option waiting in the wings. Think of it as insurance, but instead of paperwork, it’s filled with gorgeous decor and a promise of shelter.

Sarah shares a nugget of wisdom: “We pride ourselves on the stunning views, the sprawling grounds, and the open-air magic that Shottle Hall provides. But we also know that Mother Nature has her moments. That’s why we’ve ensured that our indoor spaces are just as enchanting and ready to step into the limelight if needed. Thanks to the unpredictable nature of the great British weather, we’ve got you covered, come rain or shine.”

Remember, in wedding planning, as in life, it’s not about avoiding the storms, but about learning to dance in the rain. Or, better yet, having a beautiful ballroom as backup!

Wedding day


As the age-old saying goes, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Wedding planning is no exception to this. It’s a dance of meticulous steps, blended with a dash of spontaneity. The wedding venue, undoubtedly, plays one of the lead roles in this waltz.

We’ve trotted the globe (or at least the blog) with a checklist of questions that will put even the most astute bride or groom at ease. Armed with this knowledge, you’re not only securing a dreamy venue but also a smoother sail towards your big day. And remember, it’s not just about getting the answers; it’s about forging a bond with the people who will be pivotal in turning your dream wedding into reality.

Sarah, with her treasure trove of insights from Shottle Hall, reminds us of the heart of the matter: “A venue is not just a backdrop; it’s an integral part of your story. When you ask these questions, you’re not only ensuring logistical success; you’re also laying down the first bricks of a beautiful memory.”

To all couples out there: may your journey be as enchanting as your wedding day. And when in doubt, ask away! Because a question today can prevent a hiccup tomorrow. Happy planning and to a future filled with laughter, love, and the occasional piece of leftover wedding cake!

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Having the perfect wedding begins with choosing the ideal venue, and ensuring every detail aligns with your dream. Armed with these essential questions, you’re set to make informed decisions. But hey, if venue scouting still feels like you’re navigating a bridal maze, don’t go at it alone!

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