Your guide to candid wedding photography

Candid Wedding Photography: The Secret to Authentic Memories

Candid Wedding Photography

Who wants their wedding photos to look like a rerun of every other wedding album you’ve seen? Not you! Enter the world of candid wedding photography, the photogenic superhero ready to swoop in and save your wedding day from the tyranny of ‘say cheese’ and awkwardly staged group shots. Let’s dive in and find out why more and more couples are declaring their love for candid photography (aside from their love for each other, of course!).

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

Defining Candid Photography

Candid wedding photography is like having a photographic ninja there on your big day, stealthily navigating the guests to seize genuine, unscripted moments you’ll cherish forever. This isn’t your parents’ wedding photography – no stiff poses, no forced smiles, and definitely no “look lovingly into each other’s eyes” poses.

The Significance of Candid Moments in Wedding Photography

Candid photos are like the secret ingredients in your grandma’s famous sauce: you can’t quite put your finger on them, but you know they make everything better. They turn your wedding album into a timeless narrative rather than a catalogue of who wore what.

Candid wedding photography

Benefits of Candid Wedding Photography

Genuine, Heartfelt Memories

Imagine flipping through your wedding album and not just seeing photos, but reliving emotions. That’s the magic of candid photography – it takes you back to the laughter, the tears, the surprise when Uncle Bob did that funky dance move… priceless!

Unobtrusive and Natural Approach

Candid wedding photographers capture what is actually happening, blending into the background, camera at the ready. No “hold that pose” or “can you do that again?”, just natural, relaxed shots that let the true beauty of your wedding day shine through.

Tips for Embracing Candid Wedding Photography

Trusting your Photographer

Trust us, letting your photographer unleash their inner photo-ninja will lead to stunning results. Providing them with a shot list of group photos is still important, and mentioning any other key moments you would like to make sure they catch is a good approach, but don’t send them a Pinterest board of 1001 must-have photos. After all, you’re paying them for their expertise – let them tell your story as they see it unfold.

Creating an Environment for Candid Moments

Spontaneity is the soul of candid photography. Think about fun activities that will bring out your guests’ genuine reactions – a surprise dance-off, anyone?

Identifying a Skilled Candid Wedding Photographer

Reviewing Portfolios

Spotting a good candid photographer in the wild (or, you know, online) can be tough. You’re looking for someone who can capture emotion with the precision of a love-detecting robot. Check through their portfolios and read up on how they approach each wedding. The clues will be there!

Pre-wedding Consultations

Here’s where you tell your potential photographers that you’re all about those candid moments. Like ordering a burger – you want to make sure they know you’re saying “no” to cheese (read: cheesy posed photos).

Combining Candid and Posed Wedding Photography

Striking the Right Balance

However, let’s be real here: candid wedding photography isn’t without its quirks. One potential drawback? It can sometimes be a bit of a gamble. After all, without a predetermined pose or setup, you might fear you’re leaving too much to chance. What if Aunt Martha’s over-enthusiastic dance moves obscure the perfect shot of your first dance? What if your little nephew decides the middle of the ceremony is the perfect time for a tantrum, resulting in a series of pictures that more closely resemble a day at the zoo than your idyllic wedding?

The trick here is to remember that these unexpected events can actually become the magic of your day, captured forever. A skilled candid wedding photographer knows how to work these spontaneous moments to your advantage. They’ll weave together all the laughs, tears, blunders and triumphs into a beautifully honest narrative of your special day. And Aunt Martha’s dance moves? They’ll become the stuff of family legend, providing laughs for years to come.

Preparing a Shot List

With a well-prepared shot list, your photographer will have the choreographed photos wrapped up quicker than you can say “I do”, leaving more time for those delightful candid moments.


So there you have it! Candid wedding photography – your ticket to a wedding album as unique and authentic as the two of you. Who said you can’t have your wedding cake and eat it too? Here’s to fewer forced smiles and more genuine belly laughs!

Call to Action

Ready to let your real love shine in front of the camera, and say “I don’t” to overly staged photos? Then we need to chat. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve got the stealth of a ninja, the eye of an artist, and a soft spot for capturing the candid. My wedding photography style (read more on that here) combines the best of a candid approach whilst making sure you get the beautiful portraits and important group photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Because remember, your wedding is not just a ceremony, it’s a story waiting to be told, one candid photograph at a time.

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