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There can be no argument. When it comes to the belle of the ball, the star of the show, the centre of everyone’s attention throughout the wedding day, no-one should come close to the bride. As a Derby wedding photographer I’ve been to countless weddings, and even though none of my brides has ever even approached bridezilla territory most of them have been clear on the fact that their wedding day is their moment in the spotlight. Rightly so.
However, as they say it takes two to tango, and even though he may well have had minimal input in the direction of the day itself there is normally one man (who has usually initiated proceedings by risking his dignity, his ego and his trousers by dropping to one knee whilst hopefully proffering a shiny diamond ring in the general direction of his beloved) who deserves some credit for at the very least turning up and allowing the wedding to take place. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the groom.

For much of the day he will be in the shadow of his bride. For part of the day he will be subject to abject ridicule and public humiliation (again) from his so -called Best Man. But he is indeed an integral spoke in the wheel of the wedding car, and he should be recognised as such.

Since I always have an assistant or a second photographer with me at a wedding, it makes perfect sense for them to meet up with the boys during the morning before the ceremony. Some people prefer just to meet up at the church or venue for some informal photos – those nervy last few minutes of bachelorhood. But others may like to do something to help calm those nerves before the wedding. We’ve even had one brave groom rock out a set of racing overalls and hit a go-kart circuit with his groomsmen on the morning of the wedding! You are a courageous man Dave, and Rose is a very understanding wife!

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If you don’t fancy taking your life in your hands twice in one day (carting and marriage) then there’s always the slightly safer option of 9 holes at the local golf course, a bit of crazy golf, a quick drink in the local or even just a bit of breakfast!

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In all seriousness though, bridezillas aside, your wedding day is very much about the both of you, and we’d like to reflect that in our photography. Having two photographers at your wedding enables us to be in two places at once, and so it makes sense for us to spend a bit of time with the groom in the morning too. You don’t have to organise anything to do, it could just be a few portraits as you’re getting ready. But in terms of completing a photographic record of the day, the morning of the wedding photos always include some special, funny and memorable moments that both of you will want to keep.

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Jon Cripwell is a professional wedding photographer in Derby

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