Nostell Priory Wedding Photography: Jennifer & Joel

I’ve been looking forward to sharing Jennifer and Joel’s wedding with you all for ages. It was just a perfect day; fit for the perfect couple.

Jen was getting ready with her bridesmaids, her gran and her brother at her parents’ lovely house just a short drive from the church. I was virtually forced (honestly Anna, I had no choice!) to eat mini donuts and plied with coffee whilst meeting all of Jen’s lovely family. Meeting brilliant people is one of the many perks of my job, and I got to meet some truly amazing people during this day.

I managed to escape the relentless onslaught of sugary snacks and got to work capturing some of the beautiful details that Jen had chosen to wear. Her Ronald Joyce gown from It’s Bliss was simply stunning, as I’m sure you’ll agree. I really love the photos of her mum helping to do up the dress, but one of my most favourite photos of the morning was the shot of her grandma’s face as Jen saw her beautiful flowers for the first time (perfectly crafted by Bawtry Flowers).

Pat was my excellent second-shooter for the day, and had been dispatched to the church to meet Joel and the boys. The ceremony was very special. Jen and Joel had met through church and their shared faith was obviously incredibly important to them. In Jen’s own words, “The most memorable part of the ceremony was for both of us was saying our vows. There’s bits of the ceremony I don’t remember, but that was really special. The ceremony was our most favourite part of the day, it was just incredible.”

The reception was held at a National Trust property in Wakefield called Nostell Priory. It is such a beautiful and grand building. We had fun exploring it throughout the day; the opportunities for beautiful portraits were just about endless, especially with two of the happiest newlyweds I’ve worked with! Some of my favourites were taken in the evening, including a portrait that I subsequently (shameless plug alert! You have been warned…) won an award for.

The speeches were record-breaking in terms of length. They were the longest speeches I’ve ever covered but also some of the most personal and charming. As a wedding photographer I get to hear lots of speeches, and there have been some really brilliant ones. But occassionally I do hear the odd recycled line. But never before have I seen the groom presented with a bottle of Tango by his new father-in-law!

The evening entertainment took the form of a ceilidh performed by Knitter’s Jig. Ceilidhs can be great fun, but only work if everyone is willing to let go and have a bit of fun. Safe to say that Jen and Joel’s family and friends were definitely up for a good evening!

At some point during the evening Jen and Joel disappeared for a few minutes and returned in a change of clothes, ready for their grand exit as husband and wife, and ready to be whisked away on honeymoon. There was just time for a few sparklers to wave them on their way.

Congratulations again Jen and Joel! Thanks for letting us share in your perfect day, it was an absolute privilege.

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