Shottle Hall Wedding Photography Nadege and Bran

Shottle Hall Wedding | Nadege & Brandon

Can you remember your first love from school? For most people, that first foray into romance is fleeting. But for some people – perhaps the luckiest ones – it turns out that they’ve already met the person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. We’re back reliving some incredible wedding stories and this week I’ve got something pretty special for you – it’s all about Nadege and Brandon’s enchanting Shottle Hall wedding.

Just Perfect – Their Words, Not Mine!

When asked to sum up their wedding, Nadege and Brandon said it was “perfect” – and who am I to argue with that? Set against the stunning backdrop of Shottle Hall, with its gorgeous interiors and eye-catching landscapes, their autumn-themed wedding was like stepping into a page of a romantic novel – with a dash of added furriness in the shape of a special cameo from their dog Cody! 

Getting Ready 

The day kicked off on a crisp autumn morning at Nadege and Brandon’s place, buzzing with the kind of excitement you only get on a wedding day. When I arrived, hair and makeup were in full swing. I found myself weaving through a whirlwind of activity, capturing those all-important details, such as Nadege’s dress, a stunning gown from Beau Belles Bridal in Borrowash.

getting ready for shottle hall wedding

As I clicked away, getting shots of the hair and makeup process, it was clear that every moment was filled with anticipation. Linda, Nadege’s sister and bridesmaid, played her role perfectly, keeping the atmosphere light and Nadege as calm as could be. The arrival of their mum and dad added to the joy, turning the house into a hub of laughter and chatter.

Then came the moment – Nadege, looking nothing short of breathtaking, was ready. Accompanied by her dad, she stepped into the beautiful Rolls Royce, set to make her grand entrance at the church.

Meanwhile, At St Joseph’s Church

While the excitement was bubbling at the house, my second photographer, Abbi, was already at St Joseph’s Church in Derby. She was there to capture those early, anticipatory moments – guests arriving, each with smiles and their best wishes, creating a welcoming atmosphere for the day ahead.

Abbi’s lens also caught Brandon and his best man, a snapshot of nerves and excitement as they waited for the ceremony to begin. Her photos from the church provide a wonderful contrast to Nadege’s morning preparations, showing the other side of the wedding day’s start – a mix of nervous glances, shared jokes, and the growing anticipation of what was about to unfold.

First Look Feels

When Nadege made her entrance, Brandon’s expression was something to behold. He had planned to keep it cool, but as he later admitted, “I was overwhelmed but tried to keep myself composed on the altar.” You could feel the love in the air, and capturing that raw, unfiltered emotion? That’s what it’s all about.

Groom on wedding day
bride arriving at ceremony

The Heart of the Day

You know what really made their day special? It wasn’t just the lovely autumn leaves or the elegant setting of Shottle Hall. It was the people. Friends and family, some who’d travelled miles and miles – just to be there. As Brandon put it, having them all there was the real highlight. And capturing these moments? An absolute joy for a photographer like me.

St Joseph's church derby wedding

From Church to Celebration at Shottle Hall

After the beautiful ceremony at St Joseph’s Church, we all made our way to Shottle Hall for the reception. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as guests mingled, sipping on drinks and enjoying canapés. But the highlight? Cody’s arrival – Nadege and Brandon’s dog. I love it when people manage to incorporate their pets into their big day! Cody is very much part of the family, and it was great to see him pay a quick visit, all while managing to keep Nadege’s dress paw-stain free!

A Marquee of Dreams

While guests were enjoying the reception, I sneaked over to the marquee. Yasmin and her team from Sparkle Event Styling were hard at work, and let me tell you, they did an amazing job. The decor was a feast for the eyes, draped in rich autumn colours with an attention to detail that was nothing short of incredible. Capturing the essence of their work was essential – after all, these details form the backdrop of Nadege and Brandon’s memories.

shottle hall marquee wedding

Speeches to Remember

The speeches at Nadege and Brandon’s wedding were not just touching but also filled with laughter, especially thanks to Lidia, Nadege’s younger sister. You see, Lidia had a unique perspective on the couple – she was there right from the start when Nadege and Brandon began dating in school. But the real treat? Lidia had documented her thoughts about this budding romance in her diary, and she chose the wedding day to share some of these entries.

Hearing the extracts from a young Lidia’s diary, with her candid and humorous take on her big sister’s new boyfriend, was a highlight of the evening. Her words brought waves of laughter and nods of agreement from everyone who knew the couple from those early days. It was brilliant!

The Beauty of Being Married

So, what’s changed now that they’re Mr. and Mrs.? Well, according to them, it’s about the little things – knowing they’ll face the world together, for a lifetime. 

Why Shottle Hall?

And why pick Shottle Hall, you ask? One look at the place, and you’ll have your answer. The scenery is something out of a storybook, and the interior? Just as magnificent. It’s like the venue was waiting for their autumn-themed wedding to show off its full glory!

As their photographer, I aimed to be more than just a guy with a camera – I wanted to capture the essence of their love and the spirit of the day. And judging by their kind words, it looks like I didn’t do too bad a job!

Are you tying the knot soon? Fancy having your love story told through natural, stunning photographs? Get in touch, and let’s make your wedding photos as unique and special as your love story.

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