Melissa Kay Floral Design

Supplier Spotlight: Meet Mel, Nottingham’s Floral Alchemist

Melissa Kay Floral Design

Meet Melissa, a flower-whisperer who quit her 16-year NHS career to paint the world of wedding floristry with her vibrant palette. She swapped her scrubs for stems, and opened Melissa Kay Floral Design, providing stunning, personalised floral displays and bouquets for weddings and events across the East Midlands. What makes Melissa Kay Floral Designs worthy of a recommendation? Read on to find out!

From Bandages to Bouquets

When Melissa, a wife, a mum, and an all-around creative, traded her 16-year NHS career for a floristry course, she unlocked a hidden talent. She fell head over heels for the creative rush that floristry brought, eventually giving rise to her floral business. Now she helps couples express their love stories through blossoms and blooms. How cool is that?

Melissa told me, “I think it’s important to bring a couple’s style and personality into their wedding florals. By understanding their vision and preferences, I can then craft arrangements that reflect them as a couple.” You see, this woman is not just putting together flowers; she’s crafting your love story. With scissors and shears.

Melissa Kay Floral Design

Crafting the Floral Narrative

How does Melissa work her magic, you ask? It’s a blend of your vision and her creativity. She starts with your wedding date and colour palette, then asks for a Pinterest board brimming with your inspirations. She takes these seeds of ideas and grows them into a full-fledged design sketch. “I will create a mood board and/or sketches of proposed designs and present these to the couple and from there we can make any adjustments required.”

What’s the Bouquet Buzz?

Now, onto the million-dollar question: What’s trending? “This year (2023/2024) it’s all about downsizing and embracing a more minimalistic approach,” she explained. “But, we don’t have to say goodbye to big and boho! The minimalistic trend is about creating an understated elegance, where simplicity speaks volumes. It’s all about the flowers!” Fear not, flower lovers, there’s room for all of us in this blooming trend!

Spring, Summer, Blooms, Oh My!

If you’re wondering what Melissa’s favourite flower is, join the club! “To be honest it changes all the time, definitely depends on the season. For spring, it has to be a Ranunculus and for summer, Dahlias,” she mused. And get this – she’s even trying to grow some at home! How’s that for a home-grown florist?

Booking the Blooms

So how far in advance should you book Melissa? “It’s wise to be booked in at least 12 months in advance,” she advised. But for those last-minute Larrys and Lauras out there, Melissa assured me, “Just get in touch and I’m sure I’ll be able to help.”

Choosing Your Floral Symphony

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, Melissa has some sage advice. “Choose a colour palette rather than a particular flower. While every effort will be made to obtain the flowers you want, they are a natural product and can never be one hundred per cent guaranteed.” Sage, right? I told you, she’s a floral guru.

It’s All About the Details

As for unique ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding decor, Melissa had a few surprises up her sleeve. Ever heard of floor meadows? Neither had I, but they’re Melissa’s absolute favourite. “They can be a stunning alternative to an arch during your ceremony and then easily repurposed somewhere else during the reception.”

Flower Power Challenges

As you’d expect, the world of wedding floristry isn’t without its thorny moments. “I have a selection of different suppliers for those emergency flower orders and always bring extra blooms and a well-stocked tool kit with me to a location,” Melissa said.

Keepin’ It Fresh

How do the flowers stay fresh all day? “Good preparation and conditioning,” says Melissa. She also had this top tip to share: “Have a vase on the table for your bouquet. It looks lovely and then gets a good drink whilst you have your wedding breakfast.”

Bloomin’ Rewards

When I asked Melissa what the most rewarding part of her job was, her eyes lit up. “Seeing a bride’s face when I deliver her bouquet on the morning of her wedding. It’s the best!”

So, if Melissa’s artful approach to floristry has your curiosity blooming, you can visit her Instagram, drop her an email or fill out her enquiry form on her website.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen many florists, but Melissa has a special knack for weaving a story into every bloom. She’s a true floral alchemist, making magic from flowers and foliage. Whatever your style or preference, Melissa can craft it into something beautiful for your special day.

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