Top Bridal Make-Up Tips from Sheelagh Powell

Bridal make-up can be a tricky area to organise for your wedding day. Do you go with your usual look, or change it up for the big day? Clearly, I am not the man to ask for advice in this subject. But I know a fantastically talented woman who is…

Hello Sheelagh! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Sheelagh Powell and I have been a qualified makeup artist for 9 years, my business Sheelagh Powell makeup is 8 years old! I have another makeup artist working with me now who also does beauty treatments. We specialise in airbrush makeup.

I trained at Leicester College, Artistic Makeup and Special Effects course. I generally love all aspects of life at the moment, I enjoy my work and I also teach a little swimming and yoga which keeps me fit and healthy. I have recently started having personal training which is REALLY tough but I love it! I am originally from Ireland (Dundalk) but have been living in the UK for over 14 years!

How will a bride know that a bridal MUA is right for her? There’s so much choice!

I think it’s important for the bride to feel comfortable with their chosen MUA, it is great to know they are qualified and have lots of experience but if their personal skills are a little lacking they may not be a great choice to have around on your wedding morning! Personal recommendation from friends is also good and check out their social media profiles…they can reveal a lot about the type of person they are. You don’t want to see them out clubbing the night before your wedding do you? (Double alarm set….my little Twitter habit!!)

What are your top five tips for amazing wedding day bridal makeup?

  1. Get into a great skincare regime months prior to the wedding
  2. Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water
  3. Always exfoliate the night before or morning of the wedding and moisturise well afterwards
  4. Use a primer under your foundation.
  5. A matte powdered finish will always photograph better that a luminous/dewy finish.

 How should a bride prepare for her makeup trial?

Collect some images from magazines of makeup you like/don’t like. Have some swatches of the dress or colour themes so the MUA can bear them in mind when selecting the makeup.

And what about preparing for the day itself?

In terms of skincare, don’t do anything different in the last few weeks before the date, this is not a time to try some radical new facial! Drink plenty of water, always cleanse the skin in the evening (don’t be tempted to leave your makeup on overnight). Get plenty of rest. Use an SPF of 15 (minimum) every day. Don’t overdo the sunbeds (I am NOT a fan!!)

Any expert advice for tip-top skin on the wedding day?

See above or book a skincare consultation with your MUA or with a local salon to see if you are doing things correctly. This can really make a huge difference to how your skin looks and how well your makeup lasts on the day!

 How long should a bride allow for make-up on her wedding day?

I allow 30 minutes with bridesmaids/mums and 45 minutes for the bride. All makeups will be completed at least one hour before the ceremony with time allowed at the end for final touch-ups!

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

When selecting your MUA it is worth checking if they do more than one wedding per morning/day. I have a policy of one wedding per day as it can be stressful for me and unfair to the bride. I would hate to see a MUA running out the door because she’s late for her next appointment, and throwing her invoice over her shoulder!! (I have seen almost this  exact thing happen on a wedding morning – it’s not pretty!). I guarantee to stay until the bride is leaving so that I can be on hand to assist with other tasks, which is ALWAYS the case! Plus I have to get my post-make-up champagne quota in too!! Perk of the job 😉

Thanks Sheelagh! You can find out more about Sheelagh Powell bridal make-up artist in the East Midlands by visiting her site and social media below:



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