Which is the Best Month for Your Wedding?

The month you choose to tie the knot in, can define your wedding

If you’re newly engaged, and now excitedly planning your big day together, I’ll start by saying, congrats! This is a wonderful time, and the journey you’re about to embark on is a thrilling one. One filled with many decisions, both practical and creative. The biggest of which is often, when. When should we tie the knot?! This is a major decision that has to be made fairly quickly after getting engaged, as the month you plan your wedding for, will define so much about your celebrations, while also impacting multiple aspects of your big day experience and your path to it.

The month you select for your wedding can dramatically affect your budget, the guest experience, and how you want the day to feel. Therefore, it is really worthwhile considering every factor before settling on a date. Especially when you consider that popular venues, and wedding photographers, can get booked up years in advance for peak times.

However, you should also ask yourself, do you actually want to get married during the busiest period? Would you rather save some budget, and plan for a less popular time? There’s no right or wrong answer, so it’s up to you both to decide the correct month for your wedding.

But don’t worry, I’m going to give you a guiding hand!

Which Month Should You Host Your Wedding in?

In this post, I’ll summarise which month you should plan your celebrations for, based on my experience as a wedding photographer in Derbyshire. And hopefully, together, we’ll work out when your big day should be!

How to Decide Which Month is Right For Your Wedding

Choosing a wedding date should be one of the first tasks in a planning timeline. But before you can start picking between this month and that for your wedding, a few things need to be considered.


If you’re saving for your wedding, don’t rush. The more you have tucked away for big day preparations, the better. Unwanted surprises and unforeseen charges often arise during wedding planning, so it’s good to have plenty ready in the bank, and not spent on your credit card.

We’ll get onto this in more detail further on, but if your budget is tight, then the month of your wedding will be critical. Not just for the cost of the venue, but for nearly every supplier you book. Choosing to marry in the peak, summer season can add thousands of pounds to the overall cost of your wedding.

Your Family & Friends

Unless you’re eloping, a wedding is as much about the guests as it is about the two of you. Therefore, there’s not much point in picking a month for your wedding, without consulting your nearest and dearest. Check if they have holidays, birthdays, or any other commitments before setting any date in stone.

Obviously, you won’t be able to please everyone (and you shouldn’t try), but you should attempt to have as many VIPs available as possible. It goes without saying, but also check each other’s diaries too, just to guarantee there are no work or social life clashes.

Special Venue

If there’s a wedding venue in Derbyshire you have always dreamed of getting married in, you should probably check their availability before going any further. They may well be booked up every weekend during the summer this year, and you could be forced to look elsewhere or wait for next year.

When is Peak Wedding Season in the UK?

Peak wedding season in the UK falls between May and October. Typically, the warmest period during those months (July and August) is the most popular time for weddings. Mainly due to the nice weather, but also the school holidays.

When is Low Wedding Season in the UK?

The low wedding season in the UK is typically during the winter months of January, March, and November. These frosty months are a lot less desirable due to the unpredictable weather, and closeness to Christmas, with guests often feeling short of cash from overspending during the holiday season – or actively busy saving for it.

Which Month is Right for your Wedding?

If you’re not wrestling with a tight budget, and you love the idea of hosting parts of your wedding outdoors. Then you should consider the months of June, July, and August. As they’ll offer you the most sunny, rain-free days. This time of the year is also ideal for short-haul honeymoons. Perfect for those who want to jet off straight after their nuptials.

The downside of weddings during peak season, apart from the cost, is the fact that your guests will be busier. They may have multiple invites to other summer weddings, along with holidays and activities with the kids booked up. So be sure to get in there early with your invitations to avoid any heartbreaking clashes. While also checking what national events and holidays are coming up, so as not to book your day to coincide with a special celebration.

For those not wanting to break the bank when it comes to their wedding, you should consider the less popular months. Book for between November to April and you will save a fortune, especially on your wedding venue. And if you really want to bring the final total down, consider a midweek celebration. It may seem daunting to invite guests to a wedding on a Tuesday but just think of the thousands of pounds you could be saving. Money that you can either pump back into the wedding itself and truly give your guests a luxurious experience. Or use it to go on the honeymoon of a lifetime!

I genuinely hope you found this post useful and perhaps got you one step closer to finding the perfect month for your wedding.

As an experienced wedding photographer in Derby, I would love you to capture your big day. I have shot countless celebrations across the country, always using a relaxed, and friendly approach, creating photography with a natural and timeless feel. A look that will be loved for a lifetime.

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